5 Dinner Entrées to Order at The Greens

5 Dinner Entrées to Order at The Greens

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Whether it’s for celebrating a special occasion or you just don’t want to cook for yourself, we all look forward to getting the chance to go out for a nice dinner. Fortunately, people throughout NEPA have one more great restaurant option when they want to get out for the evening. The Greens at Irem Clubhouse has an amazing menu full of delicious dishes that will be perfect the next time you want to treat yourself.

Not sure what to order when you visit? Here are a few great choices you can’t go wrong with!

Drunken Scallops

We have several great seafood dishes on our menu, including drunken scallops. One of the best things about scallops is that they take on the flavor of whatever you cook them with, and this dish has plenty of flavor. Our drunken scallops are cooked with smoked bacon, garlic, shallots, baby spinach, tomatoes, and a chardonnay reduction. Made with Argentinian scallops and served with capellini pasta, this is the perfect dish for any seafood lover.

Veal Sorrentino

Veal Sorrentino is a dish prepared with veal, eggplant, spinach, prosciutto, provolone, and fresh basil marinara. There are several variations of this dish that you can find in many Italian restaurants, but veal enhances this dish to make it an even better dining experience. Veal is more tender than other types of meat, including beef and chicken, making this dish delicate and loaded with everyone’s favorite Italian flavors.

Chicken Marsala

While we have many entrées featuring chicken, chicken Marsala is a dish you can’t go wrong with. This Italian-American dish is made with mushrooms and Marsala wine and is a favorite of many. Marsala wine is a fortified wine known for its nutty flavor with hints of brown sugar, vanilla, and apricot, and makes a delicious, rich sauce when used for cooking.

Eggplant Parmesan

For our vegetarian dinner guests, eggplant parmesan is a great meat-free choice. While eggplant parmesan might seem like a vegetarian alternative to the classic chicken parmesan, this recipe actually came first. Made by layering eggplant, ricotta, marinara sauce, and provolone, this traditional Italian dish has amazing flavors to offer without needing any meat.

Filet Mignon

Of course, you can’t go wrong by ordering one of the best cuts of steak there is – filet mignon. This cut comes from the tenderloin of a cow, making it tender and one of the most sought-after cuts of steak. Our 10 oz hand-cut, char-grilled filet mignon is topped with herb butter to add even more flavor to this delicious cut.

See What Else The Greens at Irem Clubhouse Has to Offer

There’s no shortage of mouth-watering dinner entrées to order at The Greens. All of our entrées are served with soup or salad with your choice of a side, unless specified. We have something for everyone, so you know that the next time you want an expertly prepared meal, The Greens is the best place to go.

Reservations are strongly encouraged so that you know your dinner plans are secure. Make reservations for our beautiful restaurant in Dallas today!


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